Each competitor receives with his/her race bib, three bags of three different colours to be filled with his/her additional clothes, and to use respectively at the bases of the Passo Falzarego, Passo Duran and at the arrival point.
Each relay runner receives a bag to be filled with his/her additional clothes that he/she will find at the following base or at the arrival point. Bags have to be delivered in dedicated areas by a definite time. Times, modes and further information about the bags’ delivery will be visible on the event web site and communicated to all participants.
It is recommended not to put valuable objects in them; in every case the Organization is not responsible for any theft or damage of the material contained in the bags.
Only the bags supplied by the Organization will be transported
bags with clothing left at the bases life can be collected on arrival dealle 11 hours of Saturday, July 4, upon presentation of the race number. The Organization will definitely not send any bag to participants' houses. The bags not collected will be immediately destroyed for reasons of hygiene