The itinerary can be covered individually or in a relay team x 3. The relay teams can be composed by men, women or mixed.

The changeovers will be, between the first and the second relay runner, at the Falzarego Pass and between the second and the third relay runner at the Duran Pass. The change will take place within spaces purposely delimited.

Relay races:

Braies – Passo Falzarego about 40 km, approximately 3285 meters of height gain;

Passo Falzarego- Passo Duran about 45 km, approximately 3300 meters of height gain.

Passo Duran – Belluno about km 45, approximately 3683 meters of height again

The teams competing in the relay must submit medical certificates and clearances of all components of the relay, must indicate in the application form the name of the team formed specifically for the race (it's optional space for the company name, company code and body ) and the stretch of distance assigned to each athlete. Any change of baton or part of the journey will be possible upon payment of EUR 10 for each name change and / or any part of the journey to cover the costs of the secretariat. Such changes must be communicated to the organization by mail or by registered mail no later than 31 May 2014. After this date will not be accepted any change of name or stroke journey.

Below you will find the files for the various points of altimetry categorized with all the essential data such as gradients and distances:

Metric detail of the full competition

Metric detil 1° stage

Metric detil 2° stage

Metric detil 3° stage