In this section, with the collaboration of esteemed professionals, we want to help the contestants and everyone who want to approach this wonderful but demanding sport, to do it the right way. Will offer advice on how to prepare to face a race like that, your workouts fit on the power in the phase of preparation, what to eat before, during and after the race, but also in the training phase, we will recommend a series of useful supplements to those who make sport all-natural and tested by professional athletes, without, however, in no way take to replace your doctor. Remember that not only the medical certificate is required, but it is strongly recommended to make use of your own doctor with any questions about their own health and nutrition. We will try to unravel the secrets of the samples and follow the preparation of a competitor in this exciting test.

                • As a general rule, do not try to cancel at any cost because the pains are signs warning of your body and you have to respect them. The pain-relieving medicines can cause serious problems, especially for runners who suffer from 'rhabdomyolysis' (muscle tear with renal insufficiency, sometimes important.)

                • If you feel pain, you prefer acetaminophen to have in your kit of aid during the practice of race in nature. Respect the dosage and the interval between doses, and the other.

                • It is advisable to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs that can be toxic to the kidneys (and favor the onset of rhabdomyolysis), but also for the stomach to the muscular and skeletal systems in the event of regular consumption.

                • Aspirin, which is part of the anti-inflammatory drug (absolutely not associate the two), is also scongliata when you practice endurance race, as it increases the risk of gastro-intestinal bleeding in case of falls or wounds and can 'encourage rhabdomyolysis.

                • The steroids, considered as doping, are absolutely prohibited during competitions.

                • For gastro-intestinal disorders, we remind you that are necessary to prevent a valid exercise and proper nutrition:

                                o The anti-dysentery: it is preferable to use primarily the diosmectite an anti-intestinal secretion and transit use retarders for acute episodes or disabling.

                                o The anti-vomiting: domperidone is ideal

                                o The anti-reflux: Prevent with proper nutrition. In case of need you can take an anti-acid.

                • And homeopathy? Many homeopathic substances may be used to prevent or treat problems of the bones, tendons, joints, muscles, digestive system, etc.. I'm certainly not recommended!

Important: If, during the race, you need a doctor, do not forget to inform him of the names and doses of medicines you have taken. It is essential to get the right treatment.