It is mandatory to bring, for the duration of the race, the COMPULSORY MATERIAL:

Each racer shall carry with him/her for the entire race the following items:
. camelbag other water bottle with at least one liter of liquid;
. race bib with number attached to the chest and visible for the full duration of the race;

. Mobile handy phone on but with ringer off;
. emergency blanket;
. whistle;
. elastic bandages for wound dressing;
. wind cheater suitable for bad weather in high mountain areas;
. long-sleeved shirt and long pants (they must at least cover the knees);
. head lamp with spare batteries;
. drinking cup, glass or water bottle (cups will not be provided at the rest stops);
The obligatory equipment will be checked at the Race Number Pickup. The race number will not be given to those not showing to be in possession of the obligatory race material. There will also be surprise inspections along the course.
It is strongly recommended to carry the following items:
. road-book;
. mobile phone turned ON but kept in silent mode;
. energy bars or solid food;
. cap or bandana;
. gloves;
. a small amount of money for the purchase of food in the mountain shelters.