The "Dolomiti Sky Run asd" is an amateur sports club , affiliated to CONI and AICS nonprofit that through the values ​​of transparency, voluntary work, honesty and fairness to sport and highlighted in the statute , to promote the ' activity and the development of the territory in which it operates.

It is the brainchild of a group of friends to organize and promote a sporting event that can bring out the extraordinary beauty of the places where we live , combining the research of his own limitations , fair competition and genuine, the exaltation of a gesture, as that of running and walking in the mountains , right of our people and a healthy sense of competition , with the plunge in a dazzling beauty of nature . Thus emerged the idea of ​​the Dolomites Sky Run a mountain race ( ultratrail ) of about 136 km along the high route number 1 which connects the town of Braies to Belluno. Running and walking for more than 100 km, at night, in difficult weather conditions sometimes surpassing hilly and exposing to extreme fatigue , it exceeds a threshold after which you enter in an almost mystical , where you really feel part environment in a beautiful symbiosis between your body and nature , you will discover the emotions so strong and deep contentment achieved justifies any difficulty faced and the difficulties overcome instill an awareness in their ability to change that , many times , life of people. Furthermore, we believe that a race of this kind, absolutely unique in the world for its beauty and variety of the path, can really represent a formidable calling card for our province and can be a springboard for the promotion and development of sport tourism quality , an event capable of joining forces and pushing up the pride of a mountain land difficult but extraordinary beauty and culture.

If you believe in this project by registering you will give your active support to its implementation.

The event , however, is not the only purpose of the association , and perhaps not even the most important. We would like the Dolomites Sky Run could become a meeting place for those who love the sport in all its forms with a particular emphasis inevitable for our reality , for mountain sports . A place to exchange ideas and opinions , where to meet people who like the same thing, to organize events, parties or just spend an afternoon together . Shall be the duty of the association to organize courses , excursions , theme nights , conventions and develop every idea that members consider valid the banner of a common purpose: to have fun doing what we enjoy in the company of people we like . < Br />
Special attention we would like to dedicate sports education , focusing on the fundamental values ​​that we believe (and certainly not only in sports ) such as respect , loyalty , fairness and mutual aid . In our goal we want to involve schools from primary to return to the center of the sports person and not the athlete to convey to young people where an ideal is not only the victory that counts, but also the way to get it, where realized as woman or man in harmony with your body , with nature and with others , it is more important than any medal , where you can discover your limits , try to improve them, but accept them and respect them without cheating is the foundation of all behavior. < br />
For athletes and those who want to participate in physical sports competitions , stages , fidal there will be the possibility to request the pieces of those federations required to compete and the company will take over the duties of secretary in the inscriptions to the races . < Br / >
If you please review as written above , subscribe . This will help us to realize our dream will be yours too. We need your ideas, your energy and have fun together .

Here are some of the initiatives taken by the association :
Day with a mountain guide to learn the basics of climbing ( FREE for members) ;
Climbing course ( discount for members) ;
Canyoning Course ( discount for members) ;
Course / Nordic walking tours ;
Conference on athletic training for ski mountaineering (free for members) ;
Symposium on nutrition for athletes ( free for members ) ;
Day with a mountain guide to learn the basics of safety in the mountains in winter ( free for members ) ;
Ski Mountaineering Course ( discount for members) ;
Day with a mountain guide to learn the basics of ice climbing ( free for members ) ;
Course ice climbing ( discount for members)

And so much more in store .

As a member of dolomoti sky will be run automatically associate with aics insurance coverage for every event organized by the association. And as a member aics you will be entitled to a number of important facilities and conventions referred to below will provide the principal ( for the full list of what you refer to the site )



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