The event takes place along the stretch of track enlightened "Coca Bassa" with start and finish to the chair lift at the end of the first section of the same with elevation gain of 250 meters and a length of about 900 meters.

The race will consist of four heats elimination starting line. In the first heat will start all entrants, in the second battery will be admitted to the best 32 athletes of the first battery, the battery will be admitted to the third top 16 of the second battery, the first 8 men will qualify for the men's final battery and the first 5 women for the female. If the battery will not be present at least 5 16 women, will be valid for the final top 5 times the previous battery, even if the battery will be present 5 to 32 women for the women's final will be valid for the first 5 days of the first female battery. In the event of enrollment of less than 5 women the women's final will not be played and the women's rankings will be compiled based on the results of the first battery, except for the right of women may qualify to participate in the battery later.

The final will take place with 2 changes of attitude in the following ways: start walking with skis on the backpack for a short climb, the first change of attitude in the area bounded by fitting the skis for a short descent, the second change of 'structure in the area bounded by application sealskins and lifts with steps required by directional ports.

The rest time between rounds one and the other will be minimal, but in any case not less than 15 minutes to allow athletes to return to the start.

At the tender age athletes can participate.

Each athlete will be equipped with the chip for the detection of the time. It is the obligation of the competitor wear it correctly and return it to the end of the test, or risk losing the deposit.

Each athlete is required to wear the number given to him in a clearly visible for the duration of the competition will be excluded from the same.
At the end of the competition there will be a Pasta Party at Bar restaurant Slalom.

The jury reserves the right to exclude from the competition athletes who do not maintain appropriate behavior at non-competitive event and do not abide by the principles of honesty and loyalty.

The jury reserves the right to change these rules at any time for reasons of force majeure or organizational reasons, informing also only minutes to the participants on the day of the event.

Given the type of non-competitive claims are not allowed.

You may register on line at and on the day of the competition.

The inscriptions and the withdrawal will be possible pectoral 14.30 Slalom at the Bar in front of the start of the competition.


The registration fee must be paid at the time of withdrawal of the chest, signing a release in favor of the organizing committee for any damage caused to persons or property including personally identifiable information, JAA and address. The Organising Committee in every way that he had taken out the appropriate insurance policy RC

It is not meant for carriage of garments upstream.

Will be awarded to the top 3 male and female. The awards ceremony will be held at the Bar Slalom at the end of the competition. At the discretion of the organization can be established other awards that will eventually send the same day of the competition.