In this section, with the collaboration of esteemed professionals, we want to help the contestants and everyone who want to approach this wonderful but demanding sport, to do it the right way. Will offer advice on how to prepare to face a race like that, your workouts fit on the power in the phase of preparation, what to eat before, during and after the race, but also in the training phase, we will recommend a series of useful supplements to those who make sport all-natural and tested by professional athletes, without, however, in no way take to replace your doctor. Remember that not only the medical certificate is required, but it is strongly recommended to make use of your own doctor with any questions about their own health and nutrition. We will try to unravel the secrets of the samples and follow the preparation of a competitor in this exciting test.

Dolomiti SKY RUN in collaboration with FREELIFE LAB offers to all athletes who want to use them advice and information about sports nutrition and integration , particularly in relation to Trail Running.

In the coming months we will publish articles that will deal with topics such as: the importance of water, how to eat in the race, which supplements can be useful and how to use them. You will also have the opportunity to send specific questions to which our experts will answer through a column published on the website of the race.

FREELIFE LAB was born from a pool of experts in the field of sport, which act synergistically to achieve the best possible result. The working group is made up of biologists Nutritionists, Osteopaths, posturologists Consultants and psychological motivation.

Marcello Vendramin work as Head of Sports Nutrition FREELIFE of LAB, which over the years has earned the field the role of a reference point for athletes demanding and knowledgeable, who wish to have knowledge up to date and functional to set your diet and nutritional supplementation.

Through the promotion of meetings, courses for technicians and theme nights for athletes, FREELIFE LAB culture and disseminates knowledge on Nutrition and Dietary supplementation in order to provide the tools for researching and maintenance of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health and performance.

The Department of Sports Nutrition supplements FREELIFE of LAB-edge formula, selects the best manufacturers of natural supplements, check the quality and provenance of raw materials. Use the golf products and perfects the recruitment procedures, thanks to athletes and trainers nationwide who gravitate around its staff.

A treat for fans of ULTRA Athletes of the likes of Lorenzo and Filippo Trincheri Salaris, Ultratrailer now established a national and international level, are followed for years by our staff, and participate in the Marathon Des Sables 2014 as FREELIFE of LAB.

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